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Transformation. A powerful word, but what does it mean to you?


 For too long you’ve waited in the depths of despair, lost in your own unconscious beliefs and self-sabotage. 


 You know you’re out of balance, but how do you come back to your centre? How can you feel whole once again?


 The Chakras, or Subtle Body, are your energetic blueprint and your access to great healing and transformation. 


 This is what makes you tick. 

 These are the places where you find the wounds that need healing.

 This is how you come home to balance body, mind and soul.


It is only when you take a deep look inward and finally tell yourself you are ready for healing, that healing begins.


 It is only when you are willing to take a deep dive into energetic body that you can begin to walk the path of alignment.

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 My name is Vika, and I created Intuitive Chakraology to guide souls like you back into alignment. I have been studying energy healing for 7 years, working through countless modalities, and always I come back to the Subtle Body. 


Intuitive Chakraology is a guide toward learning what the 7 main chakras are and how to self-heal with them through understanding their powers and weaknesses and using self-healing methods I teach you.


I was completely lost and out of alignment when I first discovered energy healing and walking this path has guided me toward healing and living the life of my highest and greatest good. Happiness is no longer an option, it is a choice, and the choice is always ‘yes!’


I’ve witnessed so many people get lost in their own energetic imbalances and let their lives fall into disarray. I’ve watched many souls give away their power, live out of their own intuition and worse, live out of their own bodies. 


If you’ve been feeling like there’s something deeper to who you are and why you are the way you are, you’re right. It’s your chakra system and energetic body. 


 I want to guide you through this transformation because I’ve witnessed so many powerful transistors through my career as a healer and teacher. 


This course is for you if….



You’re experiencing hormonal imbalances


You’ve given away your power/feel powerless


You need to be in control/Can’t release control


You cannot listen to your intuition/see your future clearly


You feel disconnected from your body


Your emotions are all over the place/or you experience no emotions


You feel unable to speak your mind/truth 


Your creativity is suffering 


You feel disconnected from the universe/yourself


You feel you have to hustle to win


You lack clarity/purpose 


 You do not know how to nourish yourself

Week 1:

The 1st Chakra: The Root Chakra


What the Root Chakra is

Learn to come into the body 

Learn the importance of grounding

Understanding how to nourish yourself


How to balance the root chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Root Chakra 


Live Q&A


Week 2:

The 2nd Chakra: The Sacral Chakra


 What the Sacral Chakra is

 Learn why you’re emotions are out of control

 Learn the connection between hormones and the sacral chakra

Understanding how to begin to flow with life


 How to balance the Sacral Chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Sacral Chakra 


Live Q&A


 Week 3:

The 3rd Chakra: The Solar Plexus Chakra


 What the Solar Plexus Chakra is

Discover how you’ve given away your power 

Learn how to stop the hustle

Understand how to take balanced action


 How to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Solar Plexus Chakra 


Live Q&A


Week 4:

The 4th Chakra: The Heart Chakra


 What the Heart Chakra is

Discover the power of forgiveness and compassion

Learn to open your heart with boundaries 

Understand how to use gratitude as a tool


 How to balance the Heart Chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Heart Chakra 


Live Q&A

Week 5:

The 5th Chakra: The Throat Chakra


 What the Throat Chakra is

Learn to own your voice

Discover when to speak and when to listen 

Begin to step into your creative force


 How to balance the Throat Chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Throat Chakra 


Live Q&A


Week 6:

 The 6th Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra


 What the Third Eye Chakra is

Learn to use your intuition 

Discover and gain clarity about your purpose

Open up your physic connections 


 How to balance the Third Eye Chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Third Eye Chakra 


Live Q&A


 Week 7:

The 7th Chakra: The Crown Chakra


 What the Crown Chakra is

Learn to connect with your highest self

Understand how to work with and connect to your spirit guides

Learn your place in this world


 How to balance the Crown Chakra


Virtual Alignment Circle: Aligning the Crown Chakra 


Live Q&A




You Will Recieve:

7 Videos Trainings - 1 Per week/Per chakra 

7 Virtual Alignment Circles 

7 Live Q&A’s

1 Intuitive Coaching Session 




Bonus Intuitive Coaching Call

Bonus Video: Self-Healing bedtime practices/PDF 

Bonus: Virtual Alignment Circle - The Seven Chakras 

By the end, you will feel….



Feel aligned and ready to continue your journey of transformation and healing. 


Armed with tools to take you through your journey of continuous healing. 


Connected deeply to your energy centres and understand when you need balancing and work


Highly attuned to your own energy healing process


More inspired, clear and healthy

First Timer Offer:
$497  (Regular price $997 )

It Begins 11/11/2019

The time to find balance is now. Work with me.